Before Photography… There Were Travel Posters

Social media has definitely changed the way we look at travel. Every day, millions– probably billions– of images are shared by travelers on Instagram, introducing their followers, family and friends to new places.

Mykonos is no exception and remains one of the most “hash tagged” locales in Greece and all of Europe.

But before hashtags and social media, how did destinations advertise themselves?

The travel poster was the most common form of advertisement and the Greek National Tourist Organization was a leader in creative ways to promote Greece as a tourist destination.

Before the advent of photography, they used local Greek artists who painted stunning water color images that were then reproduced and shared with travel agencies, airports and tourist offices throughout the world.

Some of the most creative posters came in the 1940s and 50s.

This treasure featuring a Mykonos windmill from the 1950s comes from my personal collection.

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