Beach Reading: A Lone Red Apple

Put away that Vogue magazine and grab a copy of Lone Red Apple before you head to Mykonos this summer. Trust me… You’ll enjoy it.

Set in modern times in the timeless land of the gods, A Lone Red Apple is a love story that takes place on Mykonos and the nearby, sacred island of Delos.

Just as these islands are opposites, so too are the lives of Matthew, a staid and shy British professor, and Elena, a lovely Greek artist with a passionate zest for life. They meet when Matthew comes to Mykonos to teach a seminar on the love poetry of Sappho.

When Zeus awakens Aphrodite and Poseidon from ancient sleeps and instructs them to cause mischief in the lives of the mortals, Mathew and Elena experience a mythical Greece known only to the gods and a few, favored mortals.

The book was written by an old, dear friend from Pittsburgh named Aurelia, who spends her summers on the island drinking wine on the beach. She calls it her love letter to Greece. Get a copy of the book here.

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